The Project

Our goal is to enter the Sundance Film Festival and several other major film festivals, including Nashville, Miami, Telluride, Hong Kong, and Aspen ShortsFest.

This project is a joint production of Certified Beach Bum Productions and The Cierra Group, Inc., a non-profit corporation.


Bob Dylan
We were fortunate enough for Sony to granted us the rights to use the original 1965 version of Bob Dylan's IT'S ALRIGHT MA, (I'M ONLY BLEEDING) to cover the closing credits. Dylan has stated that this is one of his songs that means the most to him, and he has played the song often in concerts. This is an inspiring segue from Angeline's parting remarks: "Remember, Dex. If you ain't busy being born, your busy dying." See YouTube video


Casey Dillard
Casey Dillard: Casey is an actress and writer, known for Driven (2018), Genrevolt (2012), The Fall of Henry (2011), and M-Power (2009). She is a founding member of the West of Shake Rag improv team, which was selected as an apprentice team for the Chicago Improv Festival 2010.
Jamei Fair
Jamie Fair Jamie is an actor, known for Driven (2018), The Devil's Road (2017) and Irrational Fears (2013).


Director: Glenn Payne

Glenn Payne is an award winning filmmaker and artist, as well as an improvisational and film actor. He crafted his improvisational acting skills with his troupe West of Shake Rag, based in Tupelo, MS, as well as receiving training at Second City in Chicago, IL. You can see his film projects Stagrassle Paranormal and Earthrise on Amazon Prime and other platforms, and his new feature film, Driven.

Producer/Writer: Dale Foster

Writer and producer Dale Foster studied screenwriting at Harvard University Summer School. His one-act play, Revelation, Alabama won 1st place in the Alabama Writer's Conclave Writing Competition. He founded the Mobile, Alabama Area Screenwriters Group and served as Screenwriting Instructor for the Department of Special Courses at the University of South Alabama and at the Mobile Area Film and Television Arts Center. He was producer, writer, and talent for the Alabama Public Television show Books This Week and the Bay Books Television News Series for BAY-TV. He also served as producer, writer, and talent for the Book Break Radio Series (WABB-AM) and had a credited roll in the feature film, Raw Justice (West Side Studios, Inc.).

Director of Photography: Michael Williams

Michael owns Shendopen Productions and continues to write and direct his own independent films, produce films by other regional filmmakers, and works regionally in the film industry primarily as a director of photography. After writing, directing, and producing over 20 short films, Williams broke into the feature length film territory with his debut, award-winning feature "OzLand". The film went on to premiere and screen theatrically in Hollywood, CA before gaining nationwide distribution. His second feature film, "The Atoning", was released via Redbox, Hulu, Best Buy, and all major VOD and Cable on Demand outlets before releasing in various international markets including Brazil, Germany, South East Asia, and South Korea.

About Us

    The goal of this project is to enter the Sundance Film Festival Short-Film Competition, and other major film festivals around the world. This film benefits from having professional actors, director, and director of photography. So our chances of success for getting the film accepted into the Sundance Film Festival and others are very high. The script is based on an award-winning one-act play and has been very well received by the film community.


    We were fortunate enough for Sony to granted us the rights to use the original 1965 version of Bob Dylan's IT'S ALRIGHT MA, (I'M ONLY BLEEDING). This is a major acquisition since reportedly Dylan would not let Peter Fonda use this version in the movie EASY RIDER. See YouTube video

Funding Opportunities